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Here is a little peek at my little ladies this morning!  Jillian is getting so big and just so stinking cute I can’ stand it!!! {I am a little biased}  Madelyn and Ella are growing like crazy and talking my ear off!! I just love it.  They LOVE Jillian so much it is hard to keep them away, even more now that she is beginning to interact with them.  I love to hear Madelyn say “Hey Peet Pea”  and then get so excited when she smiles at her.  As I was taking these of them this morning I thought perfect Valentines Day gift!!  Lets make a deal out of it…..$75 sitting fee for Valentines Mini session for your sweet ones  to give as a Valentines Day gift for their Daddy or Grandparents or Mommy!!!………lets get it on the books,  it will be here before you know it!! 🙂valentines-104valentines-6valentines-59valentines-43valentines-79valentines-22valentines-13

  • Jada - Precious girls!!! Great Pics! Love the moments you catch…very sweet.
    hope you are doing well…think of you often.

  • libbi - lynette-your girls are so sweet…and very cute!! i just want to sweeze them.

So my husband loves to watch the geese come in and out of the lakes around town, and since he loves it so much my girls do too!!  We will be driving and they will say “Geese Daddy I see Geese!!” so so cute!! 🙂 I went out and  took a few pictures of the geese for them.  Really it is amazing to see how many there are, and how organized they are…..God had everything planned so perfect 🙂


I have known Rachel for a long time, she and I worked together on South 10, I feel like I know her family because I would hear all about them at work.  It was super cold, we had a sweet boy who had been sick that morning, but he was there smiling 🙂  Rachel’s parents were so sweet, they Celebrated 40 years together on Monday December 28.  A very very sweet family.  hope you like these few sneek peeks…….IMG_3214IMG_3231IMG_3243IMG_3264IMG_3341IMG_3368IMG_3416

  • Rachel - These look great!! Thank you so much

Last week we did pictures with Santa for Devon’s Scholarship again. and it was a big success.  I want to thank everyone for getting your picture made and to everyone that helped…..it means so so much to me!!  Thank you!!!


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