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I am so very thankful that God blessed me with Shawn Reeves. God has a wonderful plan and it is perfect. He placed Shawn in my life at the perfect time. God gave Shawn the heart that could go through the worst of times with me and he supported me, loved me unselfishly, he gave me a shoulder to cry on. He was there to hold me when I could not bear it anymore. He is my rock, and today I honor him for all of his accomplishments during times that were somedays very hard. On Friday October 22, 2010 Shawn completed all of his Clinical hours to now sit for his Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner License and his Primary Pediatric Nurse Practitioner License. You have no idea how honored I am to be his wife. Through the past 6 years Shawn has worked full time and gone to school full time to supporting our family. He has completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and his Masters of Science in Nursing from Lubbock Christian University. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife and Fishery from Texas A & M University. He held his Teaching Certificate and taught and was a Coach at Seminole TX, before he decided to move back to Lubbock and go to nursing school. In 2004 he completed his RN from Covenant School of Nursing (Covenant is where i got my RN as well). He is a very educated man.
Did I mention his school for his Nurse Practitioner was in Arlington, UT Arlington to be exact….and we are in Lubbock 🙂 During the times that he had to travel to class I was pregnant with Jillian, then in the hospital pregnant with Jillian for 10 weeks or 72 days whatever sounds better 🙂 Then he was still traveling to Arlington when we had a newborn in NICU and once we brought her home. I was not too excited the first time he had to go back and I had two 2 year olds and a preemie newborn on an apnea monitor at home with out him there.
All I can say now is Whew….we made it!! Yes he still has to study and take his boards, but I have all faith in him.
I just had to share with everyone what an amazing husband I have, I am so very proud.
On Friday evening I made Shawn stop and let me take a few pictures of him to make the day he finished clinicals 🙂 All of these were taken with Ella yelling at him from the car to SMILE DADDY!!! and Madelyn crying because she wanted to get out. I think we were out of the car about 5 minutes or less due to Madelyn’s meltdown!!!
Shawn Reeves…..I LOVE you with all that I have!!!!

  • Angie - You were blessed with an amazing man! It is beyond our wildest dreams why things happen as they do, when they do. As you know more than anyone it all happens when God wants it to the way he wants it to. You are a very strong woman with an amazing husband and three beautiful girls. You are in my thoughts and prayers each and everyday. I know Shawn will pass his boards with flying colors. Love ya to death.

  • Chrissy - Isn’t it amazing how you think you love someone when you marry them, and then somehow your love reaches a level you never dreamed as you go through life, have children, make goals, reach goals, and plan for the future. God is so good! I am thankful for you guys and your fantastic story.

On Monday afternoon I got together with 5 other Lubbock Photographers. We had a great time going around and taking photos of a very sweet Senior from Shallowater, Erica.  She has an amazing story.  She is absolutely beautiful, inside and out.  I had a great time, Thank you so much for letting me be apart of this day.  Here are a few of this sweet senior.  I hope you have a great year Erica!

On Saturday evening I got together with the Funk family.  They are a very sweet family.  There was even Cookies, Lemonade, and Snow Popcorn!!!  That was the first time refreshments were served 🙂 It was fun despite the millions of mosquitoes, thankfully this time I did have OFF in the car.  Here are just a couple of our evening.  I had a good time meeting and getting to talk with this family.  Amy thank you for contacting me.  Hope you enjoy this little preview….

This evening I got together with the sweet Harbin Family for the third time for family pictures and Kaylee’s 1 year pictures.  I know you are wondering why 3 times???  Well we tried the first time and sweet Kaylee was so so tired, so we tried later that evening…..we had a complete downpour with lightening and very loud thunder while we were on a porch getting some what turned out to be cute pictures of the sweet birthday girl 🙂  So tonight we got to finish up with her cupcake, balloons, pearls, and VERY cute belly!!!  She also had quite the little party going on with her baby and stuffed friends.  I had a great time with this family, God has blessed me again with a sweet family that I plan on keeping up with!  I can’t wait to see what you do as you grow Kaylee.  Here are a few more to come soon……

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