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This very cold morning I got the pleasure of meeting sweet Miss Landri and her parents.  I was so worried Landri would be too cold and I had a back up plan ready incase she was too cold and not happy.  Thankfully we did not need it.  She was perfect, beautiful and performed like a well trained model 🙂  I am excited to get to take her pictures through her first year, it will be so fun watching her grow!  She is 3 months and starting to coo and smile, she thought her Mommy and Daddy were pretty funny too.  I just love this age, you start to see a little personality slowly showing through.  Rebecca and Thad thank you for letting me photograph your sweet baby and spend the morning with you, I had lots of fun.  I look forward to 6 months 🙂 I have to say thank you to Whitney (a sweet friend from high school) for telling Rebecca about me. Here is a little preview of this morning

This precious face is because she was not so happy on her tummy, Mommy was there to make it better 🙂

I have the best Mother around 🙂  She got ALL of us these Skeleton Pajamas.  We made an impression every where we went tonight.  My Mom overheard some ladies in the bathroom at Fuddruckers talking about that family out there with all of the same skeletons on.  The main question was where she got them.  Gymboree and Ebay.  Not an easy task getting 19 matching glow in the dark skeleton Pj’s….and yes we ALL glow in the dark!!  Lots of fun.  Many more pictures from Trunk or Treat tonight tomorrow!  I just wanted to share what you missed if you were not there!!  Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!

Last night all of my family headed out to take out annual Christmas picture in Daddy’s Cotton.  The cotton is absolutely beautiful.  I LOVE the sea of beautiful fluffy white cotton.  Just beautiful…..the family not just the cotton 🙂  Here are some that I can get up today.  Now I have to go make Bread Pudding and get everyone dressed for Trunk or Treat at our church.  Lots of fun, just wait until you see pictures from there.  If you want to come out it is at South Plains Church of Christ, 6802 Elkhart Ave,  you are all welcome!!

The Lee Family is not just any family.  They are my family……..Lisa is my sister and my very best friend. This morning we went out and about to get some new family pictures for them while they are in town.  It is also Lisa’s birthday today.  Happy Birthday Sweet Sister!!  I had fun trying to get Jadon to smile when he was trying so hard not to.  Hearing the best jokes from Jadon, Jonathan, and Jordan.  Listening to Grannie sing and I think she was doing some dance like she was on Broadway to get some smiles. Photographing Lisa & Jesse together like it was their “engagement session”……4 children later 🙂  They have such an amazing love that is God given and their love for the Lord is showered on their boys daily.  They have 4 of the most handsome boys ever!!  Yes 4, Jonathan, Jadon, Jordan, and Jakin.   Lisa is the most beautiful and girly Mommy that she can possible be.  Happy Birthday Lisa.  I love you so much….hew are a few favorites so far.

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