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Yesterday morning I got to spend some time with this precious little boy.  I had my hands full with this little guy.  When I look through the images you can’t tell there was even a hiccup during the whole session.  I had a great time with him and getting to talk with his Mommy and Grandmother.  Thank you for letting me spend this time with you.  Here are a few so far….

Saturday morning I got together with the Miller’s.  We walked around out at Vintage, I got to know the brother and sister duo.  I also learned Morgan is very crafty when it comes to her TOMS, and Mason would have rather been out helping his Dad strip cotton.  He came around the longer we were together and we got some really good pictures.  Thanks for contacting me Morgan, I loved spending the morning with you. Here is a little preview….

This very cold morning I got the pleasure of meeting sweet Miss Landri and her parents.  I was so worried Landri would be too cold and I had a back up plan ready incase she was too cold and not happy.  Thankfully we did not need it.  She was perfect, beautiful and performed like a well trained model 🙂  I am excited to get to take her pictures through her first year, it will be so fun watching her grow!  She is 3 months and starting to coo and smile, she thought her Mommy and Daddy were pretty funny too.  I just love this age, you start to see a little personality slowly showing through.  Rebecca and Thad thank you for letting me photograph your sweet baby and spend the morning with you, I had lots of fun.  I look forward to 6 months 🙂 I have to say thank you to Whitney (a sweet friend from high school) for telling Rebecca about me. Here is a little preview of this morning

This precious face is because she was not so happy on her tummy, Mommy was there to make it better 🙂

M o r e   i n f o