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Holly and I got together on Wednesday evening after canceling our time earlier in the day due to awful winds.  But thankfully the winds calmed down and we got out in Royce’s cotton field and got some super cute pictures of Addy and Holly too.  But shhhhh this is a secret to Brady (holly’s hubby) and Royce & Debbie.  I am pretty sure none of the 3 of them will be reading this blog in the next month since they are all super busy.  So I think we are safe until they get them as a Christmas present.  Addy is so so cute!!  She is a complete make over of Holly.  So cute!  We picked cotton, talked about Yo Gaba Gaba, danced to The Chipmunks, and talked about going to the tractor pull oh and She did show me her teeth and her under arm 🙂  Fun times!!  Thanks Holly for letting me take these of Miss Addy 🙂  Here are some favorites….

These 2 above are Addy’s dance to the Chipmunks 

It is NOT easy to get a photo of twin 3 year olds and a 1 year old….trust me I try all the time! Then throw in Daddy (my husband) it gets even harder to get everyone to look and maybe smile!! Then I jump in there too and pretty much impossible, but I LOVE it! I love the challenge when it comes to my girls, I love the happiness that finally fills my heart again when I look at these sweet precious gifts that I have been given. I want to share with you a few picture of my sweet family, we were attempting to get a good photo for our Christmas Card, I think we got at least one 🙂 Oh and yes Jillian does have a black eye 🙁 I know so sad, last night she tripped and fell in the living room and hit the corner of the end table. Last night before she went to bed I really thought Whew it is not turning black….wrong let her sleep on it and wake up with a nice shiner. Just shows how tough this sweet baby is! Hope you all enjoy my family………

Those precious shirts the girls are wearing are from my friends at the giggling goose

Meet the very sweet Maupin family.  Lucy is nearly 4 months old and so cute!  She has the prettiest eyes, and I love her lips!!  She is precious!  Most of our time together Lucy was not a big fan of me 🙁  She gave me a very serious look the whole time, but that serious look is adorable.  We did manage to get a few smiles.  We also made it with the wind blowing like crazy too.  Thank you Stephanie & Charles for letting me spend this time with you and your sweet Lucy.  Here are a few of our time together.

On Saturday Morning I was so excited to do sweet 15 day old Cade from the Dallas area.  He is so cute! He even gave me some sweet smiles!! I got put him in my nest and owl hat!  I LOVE them. He is a perfect gift for his Mommy & Daddy this year!  I had so much fun spending time with all of his family that were here too 🙂  Here are a few from our time together.

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