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I had the privilege of getting to photograph Miss Preslee on Saturday.  She is just beautiful.  She has a head full of beautiful black hair, perfect skin tone, and is just perfect.  Big brother Kase even took a few with his sister.  It was a fun afternoon.  I look forward to watching this pretty lady grow up.  Here are a few of my favorites…preslee_2548preslee_2540preslee_2567preslee_2529preslee_2438preslee_2476preslee_2589preslee_2443

On Saturday afternoon I got to photograph these three precious boys.  They were great considering it was super HOT!!  Boys will be boys and we had happy boys….but all at different times 🙂  They loved playing on the tractor, and little Owen was very happy chewing on his toes!!  Here are a few from the morning that I have so far…..hill_1722hill_1886hill_1848A cutie 🙂

hill_1833hill_1829hill_1790Sweet Owen


  • Elizabeth - These are the best pictures of my kids I have ever had done! Thank you so much they are adorable!!!

My Saturday morning started out with these three Beautiful young ladies.  They are full of energy, have fun all the time, and get to have their best friends with them 24/7.  Their mom and I talked how it is a constant slumber party, at my house with my twins it is crazy…I can not imagine throwing one more into the party 🙂  These sweet girls are Five and are starting Kindergarden, I LOVED getting to spend the morning with them.  God is going to do amazing things with these three, I can’t wait to see what it will be……..Hodges Family you are so so blessed………Here are a few of my favorites from the morning.

5years_19905years_20935years_2287This is a little ATTITUDE 🙂

5years_20265years_2165LOVE this one


  • Kara Copeland - I LOVE THEM!!! They turned out so good! Can’t wait to see them all!

Oh my I am in LOVE with these pictures!! Last night I was blessed with the opportunity to do some family pictures and Emma’s 1 year pictures for the Copeland’s.  We had a great time, Emma was not so sure of things until we put her in a tutu and gave her some pearls.  She is adorable!!  She did not like the cupcake but maybe she will like it more before her big day 🙂  She was VERY unsure of the balloons, and I could tell she is so happy in her Mommy and Daddy’s arms.  This is a BIG post just because I have tons of favorites 🙂  Hope you enjoy….Thank you Kara, Mark, and Emma for sharing this time with me.


  • Kara - I LOVE THEM LYNETTE!!!! I can’t stop staring at them! Thank you soooooo much! Cannot wait to see more! Her and that cupcake crack me up!!! LOL They are amazing!

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