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Oh my I am in LOVE with these pictures!! Last night I was blessed with the opportunity to do some family pictures and Emma’s 1 year pictures for the Copeland’s.  We had a great time, Emma was not so sure of things until we put her in a tutu and gave her some pearls.  She is adorable!!  She did not like the cupcake but maybe she will like it more before her big day 🙂  She was VERY unsure of the balloons, and I could tell she is so happy in her Mommy and Daddy’s arms.  This is a BIG post just because I have tons of favorites 🙂  Hope you enjoy….Thank you Kara, Mark, and Emma for sharing this time with me.


  • Kara - I LOVE THEM LYNETTE!!!! I can’t stop staring at them! Thank you soooooo much! Cannot wait to see more! Her and that cupcake crack me up!!! LOL They are amazing!

Back in June a good friend of mine Memoree Barrett asked if I wanted to go along with her while she was shooting Brent & JuLea’s wedding at the Spirit Ranch. I had a good time, the bride was beautiful, the wedding was huge at 500 or so guests, and I was in great company with a good friend.  I got to see what photographing a wedding was all about.  Here are a few of the photos that I took.  If you want to see all that Memoree took Here is a link to her blog post…Thanks for having me Memoree it was a blast 🙂

IMG_8741the first sight 🙂


The winner of the FREE Newborn session is……….Cindy Stephens!!! Looks like her first grandson will be here in November!!  I can not wait!! Congratulations!! Thanks to all that entered keep watching for session giveaways!!!  Cindy send me a message with your information and we can plan on a session in November 🙂

I met Mandy over 3 years ago when the girls were in NICU, she was an amazing nurse to them and support for me and Shawn as were all the nurses at the NICU.  Then when Jillian was in the NICU last August Mandy was still there and we picked up where we left off.  We talked then of her praying to have a baby of her own, so she could “understand” the new Mom’s emotions and everything that goes along with having a new baby.  Now that is not the only reason she wanted to have a baby but it was one 🙂  Now she is about 4 weeks away from meeting Karysn, and she is absolutely beautiful; inside and out.  I loved getting to meet Trent and their two adopted daughters too.  They are a very sweet family, and very blessed. I can’t wait to meet Miss Karsyn. Thank you for letting me spend this time with you….here are a few favorites


  • Teresa Valdes - Hi my name is Teresa and Mandy has also taken care of my daughter who is in NICU right now. She has helped me out with so much and I really appreciate having her taking care of my daughter. I know that she’s in good hands when she has her. 🙂 That’s why when I read what you said about her, I can honestly say it’s completely true.

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