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I had a great time with the Lee Family on Saturday morning.  I did Mandy’s Maternity pictures so I also got a few of sweet Karsyn too 🙂  Hudson gave me his SURPRISE face…so cute.  We had a great time with bubbles, dancing around, and picking “fruit” off of some trees 🙂  I loved spending the morning with this group.  Here are a few of our morning…..Surprise face 🙂

Miss Karsyn

The kids with Honey & Pop {I Love it }

Oh so sweet!!

  • Allison Lee - Lynette, these are absolutely PERFECT!! I love them all!! You are amazing! I can not wait to see the rest! Thank you so much for doing this for us, and for creating such wonderful memories for our family! It was so nice to meet you! 🙂

  • Terrie Gaines - Those are so awesome!!! I’m so proud for all of you.

I am finally getting to blog about precious Chloe.  We waited a few days for her black eye to get a little better before we did the rest of her photos.  She was an absolute angel 🙂  I LOVE all of her pictures.  Now all I need to do is try to get her brother and sister up here to get some of all of them together…maybe we can get that worked out 🙂  Thankfully Lori is doing a little better and praying that her BP calms down soon……some of my favorites

chloe_3845chloe_3993LOVE this one

chloe_3967chloe_3878chloe_4014Love that sweet face

chloe_3920chloe_4034chloe_4002Another favorite 🙂

So my very sweet niece Chloe was born on September 1, 2010….She had a VERY rough day on her birthday.  She was so ready to get to meet her Mommy and Daddy she was trying to get out nose and eyes first to see the world…..and well that was not going to work. Before it was decided to take her by C-section by her AMAZING Dr. {Dr. Owen} She had her poor little nose picked by our dear friend and WONDERFUL L&D nurse Jeanette Gurley, and her sweet eye poked by her Dr. and Nurses.  Thankfully she was delivered safely by C-Section, and is a very healthy little girl.  The only thing to remember the journey of the day is her poor black eyes 🙁  But it is super cute considering you usually do not see a newborn with black eyes 🙂  And we have documented the moment with a little picture of the sweet princess to show the fight she went through to get here………(Jeanette this is for you)

More of this sweet princess will come later…..Just love her so so cute….


Wendy came by Saturday and we took some quick pictures of Archer.  He is sooo cute, I just love the cheeks…..just want to eat them up.  Here are a few of my favorites….but first Archer as a newborn

archer-81and Archer today 🙂

archer.laughLOVE Archer giggles…


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