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So my very sweet niece Chloe was born on September 1, 2010….She had a VERY rough day on her birthday.  She was so ready to get to meet her Mommy and Daddy she was trying to get out nose and eyes first to see the world…..and well that was not going to work. Before it was decided to take her by C-section by her AMAZING Dr. {Dr. Owen} She had her poor little nose picked by our dear friend and WONDERFUL L&D nurse Jeanette Gurley, and her sweet eye poked by her Dr. and Nurses.  Thankfully she was delivered safely by C-Section, and is a very healthy little girl.  The only thing to remember the journey of the day is her poor black eyes 🙁  But it is super cute considering you usually do not see a newborn with black eyes 🙂  And we have documented the moment with a little picture of the sweet princess to show the fight she went through to get here………(Jeanette this is for you)

More of this sweet princess will come later…..Just love her so so cute….


Wendy came by Saturday and we took some quick pictures of Archer.  He is sooo cute, I just love the cheeks…..just want to eat them up.  Here are a few of my favorites….but first Archer as a newborn

archer-81and Archer today 🙂

archer.laughLOVE Archer giggles…


I loved getting to meet Sarah and Brody this morning…………… I believe God brings people together for a reason, and He has you meet people for His purpose. This morning our session was for His purpose and a blessing to me.  Brody is a precious little boy and Sarah is beautiful inside and out.  Thank you for letting me spend this morning with you both 🙂  Here are a few of my favorites so far

brody_2859brody_3113this picture makes my heart smile 🙂


This morning I got the opportunity to meet the Cambell’s and their precious baby boy Morgan.  He is 16 days new, and precious.  We did decided that he might not grow up to be a model, but that seemed to set fine with Daddy and Grandpa 🙂  We had our moments, but I think he did wonderful.  By looking at these pictures you can see he is just an angel 🙂  Hope you enjoy this little preview 🙂cambell_2686cambell_2661love the lips 🙂


  • Shelly Britto - Mecole and Reid Campbell….
    and i say….’Miracle Morgan’!
    I’ve known Mecole since we were 12. She’s been my best friend and just like a sister to me! All babies are miracles! I have two myself, although they are now 21 and 24 years old…still my babies!
    I believe God has something very exciting and amazing for Morgan. If you know this story, then you know what a miracle and blessing he is! By the grace of God, he’s healthy, perfect, and beautiful in my eyes!

    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above…James 1:17
    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…Jeremiah 1:5

    *Your work is absolutely beautiful

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