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Piper {Lubbock Texas Newborn Photographer}

Meet the very beautiful Piper, I just love her name!View full post »

Aubrey {Lubbock Texas Newborn Photographer}

Aubrey was 8 pounds 14 ounces when she was born.  She is beautiful and was a perfect little lady.View full post »

Hudson {Lubbock Texas Newborn Baby Photography}

Oh such a beautiful handsome guy.  He was perfect, so sleepy!View full post »

Maddox {Lubbock Texas Newborn Photographer}

Maddox, he is such a handsome guy!  He was 9 pounds 7 ounces when he was born :)  I just love every image of him!!View full post »

Trey {Newborn Baby Photographer}

Oh how this little guy will melt your heart.  I love this image with his precious Mommy!View full post »

Addison {Lubbock Texas Newborn Photographer}

Oh Addison, beautiful and so very sleepy. View full post »

Jace {Lubbock Texas Newborn Baby Photographer}

Meet Jace, he was a little 6 pound 13 ounce guy when he was born.  He is so handsome!  Oh so sleepy!View full post »

Ashlyn {Lubbock Texas Newborn Photographer}

Meet the very beautiful Ashlyn, she is one of the many many babies that has been keeping me super busy!View full post »

Abby & Emily {Lubbock Texas Newborn Twin Photographer}

I guess my heart will always melt over twin girls!  Meet Abby & Emily, they are beautiful, it is amazing what aView full post »

Carter & Nicholas {Lubbock Texas Newborn Twin Photographer}

Meet Carter & Nicholas, they are both so handsome!!  I just love twins, it is so amazing to see how they can be soView full post »

Dodger {Lubbock Texas Newborn Baby Photographer}

Meet Dodger, he was 9 pounds 8 ounces when he was born.  He is so adorable!View full post »

Charli {Lubbock Newbron Baby Photographer}

Oh my meet Charli, she is beautiful!!  Love love the green and purple!  And her sweet smile! on her!!View full post »