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Kingston {Lubbock Texas Children Photographer}

Hard to believe Kingston is already 6 months old.  He is getting such a cute personality!  Love him and his sweetView full post »

Elijah {Lubbock Texas One Year Child Photographer}

Happy one year to this handsome guy!  Hard to believe it has been a year.  I got to know him as a tiny newborn!View full post »

Andrew {Lubbock Texas Child Photographer}

Loved getting to spend the afternoon with Andrew and his horse Cookie.  He was so much fun.  I have loved watchingView full post »

Margaux {Lubbock Texas Newborn Photographer}

Meet Margaux a little over a year later…love her big dress and her pretty smile!  View full post »

Karter {Lubbock Texas Children Photographer}

Oh I love this sweet little lady, she is oh so happy.  Just beautiful!View full post »

Taylor {Lubbock Children Photographer}

Taylor is Two, and she is as cute as can be.  I can not believe this little lady is two!View full post »

Thomas Family {Lubbock Texas Child Family Photographer}

One of the sweetest, and very beautiful families that I have met lately.  Cheyenne has some ties to some very specialView full post »

Riggs {Lubbock Children Photographer}

Oh I just love to photograph this precious boy!!  His smile lights up the place.  He loves a little game ofView full post »

Madilee {Lubbock Texas One Year Photographer}

I hope you had a great birthday Miss Madilee!  You certainly enjoyed your cake, and you think the world of your bigView full post »

Morrow Family {Lubbock Texas Family Children Photographer}

I love this sweet family, Shanna has a very special place in our hearts for her amazing heart as a NICU nurse and allView full post »

Kingston {Lubbock Child Photographer}

I can not believe Kingson is 3 months!  Oh my how you have changed, so handsome!!  I just love your hair!View full post »

Bobbie {Lubbock Texas Maternity Photographer}

Loved meeting this sweet family!  I am excited to meet Tripp in a few weeks!  He has a precious family waiting onView full post »

Olivia {Lubbock Texas Chilldren Photographer}

I pray Olivia had a very happy birthday yesterday!  You are a beautiful little lady.  I pray for the Anderson familyView full post »

Hadley {Lubbock Texas Children Photographer}

Loved my time with sweet Hadley and her parents.  Such a precious family, and a beautiful little lady!!View full post »

Ellis {Lubbock Texas Newborn Photographer}

Oh how Ellis is just a beautiful baby!  And meet her big sister Addison, who is going to be such a good big sister!! View full post »